Our passion for glass has its roots in 1933 when, at the age of 9, our grandfather was hired as apprentice in the Franchetti’s furnace, where he gradually learned the craft of the glassman. At the age of 20 he managed to open with his brother Bruno a furnace of his own where chandeliers and lamps were created with a very peculiar manufacture that distinguished them; for this reason, they have been given the nickname “dew brothers”.


Thanks to Murano’s success, in 1956 he was invited to the Universal Exhibition in Brussels, while, in the decades to come, he went to work as a glassmaster in France and even at the american prestigious Disney World park.

The family business continued later with Giorgio and Lucio Bubacco, our father and our uncle, who specializeed in the lampwork technique. We drew from them the art and learnt the technique and taking inspiration from them we decided to move in the same direction to carry on the tradition.
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